Capture the attention at the point of sale. Get more sales and a successful presence.

Packaging: more than just a good design

A package is as important for its product, as the Corporate Identity for the organization. The package defines the image of your product, not only the design, and in the way it communicates its benefits, but also aspects such as functionality and quality, which influence the perception of the consumer. In Into-Designs we develop your package in a holistic integrated manner, taking care of each detail so that it may have an excellent design, promote your product, ease its use and protect it so it arrives in optimal conditions to the consumer.

Design in function of the consumer = increased satisfaction

People are looking to satisfy their necessities through products, and they acquire those, which appear to be more convenient. A good package should be a tool to help the consumer to better satisfy their necessities through your product, motivating him or her to purchase, as well as increase their loyalty towards your brand.

When designing your packages we consider several factors, which improve the experience of your clients, such as:

  • Excellent designs directed to the target audience
  • Effective communication of the added value of your product
  • Legible and easily identifiable text
  • Illustrated instructions for ease of use
  • Concise and comprehensible information
  • Ease-of-use, ease of storage and disposal
  • Protection of the product
  • Promotion for recycling and reduction of environmental damage

P.O.P MATERIALS The most effective sales promoter

A great portion of the purchasing decisions are taken at the place of the sale. The presence of the support materials at the point-of-sale (POP) may be a small push to go over tipping point and make the difference between a client buying your product or that of your competition.

Push up the purchase of your product, implementing a call to action, which will stimulate the choice of your product. “Steal the show” with materials that stand out of the shelf and direct the attention towards your product, while at the same time reinforcing your presence and image.

"We really enjoy working with Into-Designs because they deliver first class design. But not only that. They are 100% reliable and follows up on things which is hard to find in a design company in Costa Rica."

Hans Pfister President and co-owner of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality